What is Bonus Rollover?

Rollover is fairly easy to understand. It is required by the online bookmaker that usually depends on a given bonus offer. It shows the amount of bet you need to make before you are allowed to withdraw your bonus. For example, an online bookmaker offers $100 match bonus for a deposit of $100 in a betting account. If the terms and conditions indicate that a 5x rollover on the deposit plus the bonus must be completed before the bonus can be withdrawn, it means you need to place wagers amounting to $1,000 in total before you can get the $100 bonus. The bonus rollover could be expressed as 5x($100+$100)=$1,000. Usually rollover just needs to be multiplied by the total of deposit and bonus. However, there are cases when this computation do not apply. For instance, if the bookmaker gives you a free bet and there is no need for you to have a deposit, what you need to do is just multiply the amount of free bet by the rollover.

You may notice that wagering requirement is often not stated on a fixed amount. The reason is that most bonuses given by bookmakers are fluid and are computed as a percentage of deposit. Most online bookmakers continue to use rollover to avoid confusion. If the terms of rollover bonuses are not convenient for you, why don't you engage with online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements? The Nevada-Oasis-Casino guide will bring you closer to such casinos and explain to you why Slots Plus Casino is the most prominent these days.

Once you understand what bonus rollover is, it will be easier for you to compute and get the actual monetary value in sports betting. In addition to what has been discussed, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with some of these points. First, when we say wagering requirements, it does not refer to the amount lost. It refers to the amount of wager that is required. So if you see that the required wager is $100, it simply means that you need to place bets worth $100. The number of bets and the number of loses do not matter. In online casinos, the rollover is just like the required playthrough that is placed on the bonuses.

Now that you understand rollovers, the next thing you need to find out is how to decide which rollover is too high and which rollover is fair. A bonus rollover 5x and below is considered fair bonus. During promotions, some bookmakers give rollover as low as 2x. But those offers are rare. There are bookmakers, on the other hand, that require players to complete bonus rollovers as high as 10x or even 15x. These rollovers are considered very high and bettors agree that the bonus is no longer worth taking. Therefore, next time you bet, look for reasonable bonus rollover of 5x or lower.