Secure Payment with Entropay Deposits

Online gaming sites have gained acceptance over the past years. More people have enjoyed the convenience of playing in the relative anonymity of their homes. A valid concern of this industry is the security of the funds movements between and among sites and players. Fortunately, there are now more options, from fund transfers to checks to credit cards using big names such as MasterCard and Visa.

Visa has in fact introduced a new prepaid facility which works equally well for this purpose, the Visa Entropay card. Entropay deposits are now increasingly being accepted in a lot of the gaming sites, particularly those which already allow the use of Visa credit cards.

Paying with Entropay deposits may entail an additional step compared to the more traditional payment modes, but this is a feasible alternative for players who, for one reason or another, may not be able to go the more conventional route. Signing up for this product is free and convenient, and you will soon receive your card in the mail. Since this is a prepaid card, you first have to load it with funds from other sources such as your credit or debit card, an electronic check or a direct deposit from your account, before you are able to use it. Adding funds is also secure, convenient and done online, although there may be limits as to how much money you can store in the card. This limit can also serve as a budgeting tool for your online playing.

This is evidently not a free service, but most would find Entropay charges to be acceptable. Entropay deposits to your preferred gaming site will be charged 4.95% while pay ins from online game room withdrawals carry a 1.95% fee. Some would find this reasonable in light of continued play and the security of the Visa system.

The Entropay card also has other advantages. It does not have any annual or monthly charge, as the charge is only on the usage. It can also be used for purchases at Visa-branded online shops and merchants without a fee, unless expressly stated on site. Overall, this is one product worthy of consideration.